Top lawyers and researchers who monitor the political climate for threats of presidential assassination say Trump is in big trouble.

Many of these guys have dedicated years to researching the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

And they say President Trump is at even greater risk than JFK was.

And that’s all thanks to the mainstream media, Hollywood liberals and radicals like Black Lives Matter setting a very violent tone against Trump.

Speaking at the National Press Club, New York attorney co-chair of the Citizens Against Political Assassination (CAPA), Lawrence Schnapf, had this to say:

“I’m really worried, whether you like Donald Trump or not – I’m concerned about where this is going. The Deep State that conspired to assassinate JFK is still in place today.

“CAPA is going to do everything we can to get the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to make public all the JFK assassination records, even if we have to take legal action. But Donald Trump must understand the threat to his life from enemies within the Deep State is real.”

If you support President Trump, now is the time to PRAY.

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