Alert: Russia Preparing to Move Against the Olympics


Vladimir Putin does not take such insults lying down.

With all the other crises facing the international community, the Olympics Committee decided to further poke the Russian bear.

In 2016, the committee discovered that Moscow had an official program to “dope” its athletes competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

It decided to officially ban Russia as a state participant in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games as punishment.

A number of Russian athletes were forbidden to compete altogether.

This week, those athletes appealed that decision, but to no avail.

The Daily Express reported:

RUSSIAN athletes who have appealed to the highest court in sport against exclusion from the Pyeongchang Olympics have been dismissed, it has been revealed.

The 45 Russians were denied invitations to the Olympics because of evidence linking them to past doping had their case heard on Wednesday by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAB).

If they had won it would have forced the International Olympic Committee’s to accept athletes it considers to be linked to doping offences.

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The second group of 13 out of 15 athletes and two coaches lodged an application on Wednesday to invite them to the games.

They were all banned last year for doping at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, but the verdicts were overturned last week by the CAS.

There will be 168 Russian athletes competing at this year’s Olympic Games, but they will NOT be allowed to compete under the Russian flag.

Instead, they are classified as “Olympic Athletes from Russia,” and must wear neutral uniforms under the Olympic flag.

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Presumably, if they win medals, the Russian anthem will NOT be played.

Make no mistake, this is the kind of action that will result in some kind of retaliation by Putin.

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