ALERT: Obama’s Final Act Could Cripple American Before Trump Has a Chance


Barack Obama is working feverishly to secure a lasting legacy, even a bad one, before Donald Trump takes his place as president.

In one of his last big moves, Obama is trying to cripple America before Trump even has a chance to succeed.

A number of European powers, in particular Germany, have themselves been crippled by the massive influx of refugees and other immigrants.

Sharia Law is now enforced in a number of areas, violence and terror have taken over, and the state is ready to collapse.

And Obama wants to bring that situation to America.

He only has a few weeks left in office. He shouldn’t be doing anything that has long-term consequences at this point. Especially given that the public voted for a man that opposes his political legacy.

But that isn’t stopping Obama from working as fast as he can to settle at least 110,000 Middle East Muslim migrants in the US.

The “refugee resettlement” program has accelerated considerably in recent weeks, Fox News reported.

And a lot of them are being sent to Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker has given up trying to convince Obama that this is a bad idea. He, like most of us, is putting his hopes in Trump.

Walker is asking the incoming Trump Administration to give the states more power over refugee resettlement. The idea is that Arab states in the Middle East should be feeling more pressure to take in these refugees so they don’t all flood into the West.

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But that wouldn’t fit with Obama’s agenda. So he’s turned a deaf ear.

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