ALERT: If a UPS Deliveryman Wants Your Signature, Immediately Check THIS out or Call Police…


KTRK recently reported that an armed home invasion took place in Houston after one of the robbers tricked the homeowner into opening his front door for the crew of four criminals.

Surveillance video showed what appeared to be a UPS deliveryman approach the door with a package and inform the homeowner that a signature was needed.

When homeowner Lawrence Berry opened the door, the “deliveryman” forced his way in and was quickly followed by three other men bearing handguns.

Berry struggled with the intruders long enough for his wife and children to hide in a safe location, but was beaten and tasered for his efforts.

He ending up in the hospital with significant neck and head injuries.

The robbers got away with some jewelry and antique collectible firearms.

It remained unclear how the robbers obtained a UPS uniform typically reserved for full-time employees.

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