Alert: Experts Issue Terrifying Warning About Yellowstone ‘Supervolcano’


Folks are growing increasingly concerned by the enormous number of earthquakes happening around the supervolcano that lies below Yellowstone National Park.

Since June 12, more than 400 (!) earthquakes have struck the area.

“This is the highest number of earthquakes at Yellowstone within a single week in the past five years,” scientists told Fox News.

The obvious concern is that these tremors could cause the volcano to erupt, with catastrophic consequences.

But those same scientists noted that “earthquake swarms” like this occur at Yellowstone every few years.

In fact, that’s how the earth releases pressure, thus putting off a major volcanic eruption.

It’s when we go more than a few years without such minor earthquakes that experts will really start to worry, cause that means the pressure is remaining trapped and building up.

And that, they warned, is absolutely something that could happen in our lifetime.

While the probability of a supervolcano eruption at Yellowstone is one in 730,000, it must be remembered that that’s just a prediction. The volcano will almost certainly erupt again at some point, and when it does, the devastation will be beyond comprehension.

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