ALERT! A New Scam Is Aiming At Anyone Who Buys At Walmart


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Thousands of Walmart customers have had their identities and credit card information stolen as criminals and thieves rigged Walmart checkout lines with credit card skimmers.

Credit card skimmers are small, almost imperceptible electronic devices that get placed on top of a credit card reader. When a customer swipes their credit card, the skimmer steals the information off of the credit card’s magnetic strip.

These fraudulent devices were recently found at two Walmart locations. And there may be more, so beware!

The first credit card skimmer was found at a Fort Wright, Kentucky Walmart location. One week later, Walmart asset protection associates finally got around to finding the device. In that time thousands of people’s credit card information was stolen.

Kentucky is not the only state to face this scare. A Fredericksburg, Virginia Central Park Walmart store also had a similar device installed on their checkout machines.

Should Walmart pay the price for all of this credit card fraud going on in their store?

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