Alan Dershowitz EXPOSED Disgraced FBI Deputy Director McCabe…


Noted attorney, Harvard law professor, and political commentator Alan Dershowitz slammed FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Monday. When asked about McCabe’s wife receiving donations from Clinton ally Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for her 2015 Virginia Senate campaign, Dershowitz said McCabe “should have recused himself immediately from any investigation involving Hillary Clinton.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” Dershowitz said, “Well, first of all, everybody tells me who knows McCabe and has worked in the FBI that he is a very decent guy and was an excellent deputy director. Having said that, he should have recused himself immediately from any investigation involving Hillary Clinton because of his wife’s connection to Hillary Clinton.

He added, “When you are investigating a presidential candidate, whether it be Hillary Clinton or President Trump, you have to be Caesar’s wife, you have to be above reproach. You have to make sure not only there are no conflicts, but there are no perceived conflict, not only is there no bias but there is no perception of bias. He didn’t pass that test. He gave his enemies, the other side, ammunition to go after him. And I think that’s been a big problem with the Mueller investigation. Whether there is actual bias or not, we will only know in the end. But the perception of bias is there. And it should never be there when you are conducting an investigation of this importance involving people who so high in government or intend to be so high in government, candidates for president of the United States.

Check it out, per ABC News:

Embattled FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is expected to retire from the FBI in several months when he becomes eligible to receive retirement benefits, a source familiar with the matter tells ABC News.

McCabe has come under fire from President Trump and congressional Republicans who have expressed concern about political bias at the Department of Justice and FBI. McCabe was grilled twice this week on Capitol Hill by members of the House Intelligence, Judiciary and Oversight Committees behind closed doors – meetings described to ABC News by participants as contentious.

Republicans have raised concerns about McCabe because of his wife’s 2015 Virginia Senate campaign, which received contributions from a political group associated with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

After the firing of James Comey in May, many FBI insiders had expected McCabe – a deputy director for roughly two years who supervised the Clinton email investigation and filled in for Comey after his firing – to move on from his position with the appointment of new FBI Director Christopher Wray. His retirement is not viewed as premature by some in the bureau, or seen as having any connection to Trump’s attacks against him.

Trump’s tweets have prompted new outpourings of support for the bureau’s agents. Close Comey associate and Brookings Institution fellow Ben Wittes tweeted Saturday that he had donated $1,000 to the FBI Agents Associated in light of Trump’s attacks.

What do you think of disgraced FBI Deputy Director McCabe?

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