Alabama Thug Suffers Divine Judgment After Robbing Church


A convicted violent criminal who for some reason was released early from prison suffered divine instant justice while trying to rob churchgoers this past weekend.

Steffon Parreese Valentez Tolver, 26, pleaded guilty to armed robbery seven years ago, and was sentenced to 15 years.

Obviously, he didn’t serve his full sentence, nor was he properly rehabilitated.

Shortly after being released, reports that Tolver snuck into the back door of a local church and proceeded to rob one person of $50.

Then, Tolver moved on to his next victim. Oh, but this one was armed.

Tolver was shot, stumbled back out the door and died in the church parking lot. What happened to him after that is in God’s hands.

But, clearly, we are not properly handling the incarceration of such violent criminals.

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