Al Sharpton To The NFL: ‘Give Colin Kaepernick A Job Back’



Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy at George Floyd’s funeral in Houston on Tuesday, and during it asked the NFL to “give Colin Kaepernick a job back.”

Sharpton spoke about the NFL’s apology to its players for not listening about their concerns with racial injustice.

The apology, however, never included a mention of Kaepernick, who was trying to get everyone’s attention four years ago about the issues of police brutality against minorities in our society, Sharpton pointed out.

“The head of the NFL said, ‘Yeah, maybe we was wrong. Football players, maybe they did have the right to peacefully protest,’” he said.

“Well, don’t apologize. Give Colin Kaepernick a job back. Don’t come with some empty apology. Take a man’s livelihood… (Read more)

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