Al Gore Suggests “Termination” of Trump and His Presidency!


Death and destruction have been on the minds of the demented democrats for well over two years, as Donald Trump’s rise to power has wholly triggered the liberal lot.

Trump is not receiving the respect that a man of this honor is accustomed to.  Instead of rallying around the office of The President, the left is hoping to tear it down completely, working overtime on plans to delegitimize the Commander in Chief simply because he’s not part of the Deep State cabal who run the D.C. Swamp.

This frantic fight for relevancy among the liberal left has led us down some disturbing paths.  We have witnessed a number of celebrities and persons of interest openly calling for the death of a sitting President, with Kathy Griffin and Snoop Dogg both going out of their way to depict the assassination of Donald Trump in their “art”.  This, in turn, has brought us an increasingly radical leftist mob, and has inspired men such as James T. Hodgkinson to violence.

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As the left spirals out of control, even some of the regularly regular liberal talking heads are going off of the Deep State deep end.  Take Al Gore, for example; the former Vice President and advocate for the global warming hoax who just this week indicated that we need to “terminate” the Trump presidency.

During a commencement speech in Maryland, Gore aimed for the jugular.

“And I get it,” he told the packed crowd of 7,500. “There are — I know — a great many supporters of President Trump,” Gore said as whoops and cheers from the supporters rained down. “I do understand that. As one of his supporters put it on television, he said, ‘The way I look at it, Donald Trump is chemotherapy for America.’

“Well,” Gore said with his turtlish smile, “in medicine and science, some experiments are terminated early for ethical reasons.” That statement brought bigger cheers from the 20somethings.

“I don’t know that that will be the case, and I do not predict it,” said Gore after all but calling for the impeachment of Trump. “But I do know that whether you are a Republican or a Democrat or an independent, the salvation of our democracy — for those who support Trump or oppose Trump or those who want other candidates or not — the salvation of our democracy is with the American people, and most especially with your generation,” Gore said.

“Very seriously, I am also here to recruit you. Your generation has a mission ahead of it. I hope that you will find the will to succeed, and for those who don’t that you do, I will repeat that in America, the will to succeed is itself a renewable resource.”

As much as it pains us to admit it, Al Gore is no dummy.  There is no reason to believe that these words weren’t perfectly calculated by the climate change captain in order to work in the phrase “terminate”.

What does it all mean, though?  Will the left continue to bait their followers into action and violence?  Or will the Deep State mask finally be ripped off of Washington D.C. like the antagonist of a Scooby Doo cartoon?

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