After Texas Church Shooting, Obama Called For Gun Control, So James Woods Sucker Punched Him


Celebrity, James Woods, delivers one line that leaves Obama dumbfounded and without a response.

In the wake of yet another mass shooting, Obama used social media to remark of this tragedy and in true liberal fashion blame lax gun control as the ‘real’ criminal. Wrong!

The real criminal is Devin Kelly and gun control wouldn’t have stopped this man from executing his deadly plan.

What might’ve done the job however is if Obama’s Boss, George Soros, stopped funding radical Antifa organizations that are clearly poisoning the minds of moronic Americans who believe these acts of violence against innocent people will make some sort of a difference.

This is the exact sentiment that actor James Wood responded with after seeing Obama’s disgusting message on social media.

Check James Woods EPIC response:

Guns are not the criminals, they are what protect innocent citizens from their he criminals who won’t care about gun control laws and regulations will only allow them more creative freedom when figuring out an alternative m, like a homemade bomb for instance.

Liberals need to wake up and stop blaming guns! It’s pie Le who are the real problem, people like George Soros, the most corrupt man in America, that’s who needs to be more heavily regulated.

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