After Mercilessly Smearing President Trump, Sen. Al Franken Gets Even MORE Bad News


Hypocrite Al Franken was among the congressional Democrats who have mercilessly smeared President Trump since he took office early this year.

Now Franken, like so many others, is receiving a massive dose of karma.

This week, Franken had to watch as the eighth, EIGTH woman to accuse him of sexual harassment came forward publicly.

That woman is journalist Tina Dupuy, who wrote in The Atlantic that Franken openly groped her during a party to celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

Via Breitbart:

“D.C. was decked out and packed in for the inauguration of a young and popular new president. The town was buzzing with optimism, and one of the many events on our list was a swanky Media Matters party with Democratic notables everywhere,” the former communications director for Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson wrote in the article titled, “I Believe Franken’s Accusers Because He Groped Me, Too.”

“Then I saw Al Franken,” Dupuy wrote. “I only bug celebrities for pictures when it’ll make my foster mom happy. She loves Franken, so I asked to get a picture with him. We posed for the shot. He immediately put his hand on my waist, grabbing a handful of flesh. I froze. Then he squeezed. At least twice.”

“Al Franken’s familiarity was inappropriate and unwanted. It was also quick; he knew exactly what he was doing,” wrote Dupuy, who said, “I don’t let my husband touch me like that in public because I believe it diminishes me as a professional woman.”

To say that Franken’s goose is cooked would be an understatement.

Even the Democratic Party leadership is now turning on the former Saturday Night Live funny man.

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On Wednesday, Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer became the last of the three ranking congressional Democrats to call for Franken’s resignation.

In a short statement, Schumer said:

“I consider Senator Franken a dear friend and greatly respect his accomplishments, but he has a higher obligation to his constituents and the Senate, and he should step down immediately.”

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