After Firing Tillerson, Trump Made Another MASSIVE Change at the State Department That Has Liberals Fuming


Rex Tillerson was holding back Trump’s agenda at the State Department, so he had to go.

Now, we are catching a glimpse of what that agenda is, and why Tillerson was standing in the way.

In the State Department’s annual report on human rights abuses around the world, Trump implemented a stunning change that no president before him has dared to even consider.

He stopped referring to the biblical heartland, commonly referred to as the “West Bank,” as occupied territory.

Israel has controlled this region, known biblically as Judea and Samaria, since 1967, when it was liberated from Jordanian control.

Of course, prior to that, Judea and Samaria was the heart of the biblical kingdoms of David, Solomon and their descendants.

Since Jimmy Carter, every US president has referred to the West Bank as “occupied Palestinian territory,” playing right into the hands of the anti-Israel Palestinian movement.

But not Trump.

The latest State Department report replaced the heading “Israel and the Occupied Territories” with “Israel, Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza.”

The implication was clear – Trump isn’t saying Israel will ultimately get to keep these territories, but he’s also not saying it won’t.

Source: Times of Israel

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