Black Americans Respond to Trump’s SOTU in a Way No One Could Have Foreseen


We’ve all heard the liberal battlecries.

Trump’s a womanizer. Trump’s a racist. Most bigoted president ever.

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But, if all that’s true, then why is the black community, and especially black women, flocking to Trump in ever greater numbers?

The movement is so obvious that even The Atlantic, a liberal publication with no particular love for Trump, felt compelled to highlight it.

According to the report, Trump today has the support of 23 PERCENT of black male voters, and 11 PERCENT of black female voters.

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Back in 2016, just 13 PERCENT of black men voted for Trump, and a mere 4 PERCENT of black women chose him over Hillary.

That means Trump’s support among black men has nearly doubled, and his support among black women has nearly tripled.

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In just one year.

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