Actress Emma Stone Gets BAD NEWS After Promoting ABORTION at Oscars


The Oscars provided a platform for a lot of different political statements, most of them revolving around hatred for President Trump and his policies.

Less conspicuous than protests of Trump’s immigration policies, but still very present, was advocacy for abortion in America.

The Trump Administration and the Republican Congress have moved to defund Planned Parenthood, the network of faux clinics that actually encourage American women to murder their unborn babies (more on why they do this below).

Well, Hollywood liberals don’t like that!

So Best Actress winner Emma Stone showed up to the Oscars wearing a Planned Parenthood pin to show her displeasure with Trump and her approval for killing off unwanted, defenseless human beings.

Beyond the issue of abortion, promoting Planned Parenthood is very problematic.

As mentioned above, Planned Parenthood actually encouraged American women to terminate their pregnancies because that means BIG BUSINESS for the organization.

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In a damning report published recently, Congress revealed that Planned Parenthood was selling the body parts of terminated babies, including the skin of a Down syndrome child.

It is illegal to profit from the bodies of aborted children. But Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about the law. Not when such a lucrative business is at stake.

And Hollywood snowflakes like Stone don’t care about basic moral standards when given an opportunity to smear their own president.

But the movie-going public does. If Stone ever again wants to win an award for getting to perform in a blockbuster movie, she better watch her step.

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