Actor James Woods is ON FIRE as He DEMOLISHES Liberal Crybabies


Most conservatives in Hollywood keep relatively quiet amidst the sea of liberals that surrounds them.

Not movie star James Woods. He’s not afraid to let loose.

Woods was loudly outspoken against Obama for the past few years.

But he’s been having a real field day since the election of President Donald Trump.

Just after Trump’s surprise electoral victory in November, Woods took to Twitter to let liberals know how much he enjoyed their angst:

“I never anticipated that one of the great joys of the #Trump #election would be the #LiberalMeltdown. God, this is sinfully delicious fun!”

When senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain joined the bandwagon of Democratic “outrage” over alleged Russian hacking that allegedly helped Trump win, Woods tore into them:

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“Why don’t these two spend the next eight years hanging with the Clintons on Soros’ yacht? Let the adults handle this… ”

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Speaking of cyber-crimes, Woods called out the liberal hypocrisy:

“Since the #Liberals have their knickers in a twist about “hacking,” why not have a special prosecutor investigate #Clinton’s illegal server?”

Just days before Trump’s inauguration, Woods had harsh words for a group of liberal staging a “cough-in” at a New York restaurant owned by Trump:

“These are the people we voted against. Never forget how important it is that they should remain neutralized forever. #HillaryScumBots”

And, as we all now know, just a day after Trump became our 45th president, a mob of vile, profanity-spewing feminists descended on Washington, DC to protest against the people’s choice.

Woods once again savaged them, and appealed to reason, pointing out the ridiculous phenomenon of women in America claiming mistreatment.

“These are the #women we should be fighting for,” wrote Woods alongside a photo of burka-clad women in chains in the Middle East. “This @womensmarch is an abomination…”

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