Activists Angry That Home Depot Didn’t Attack Georgia Voting Law, Planning Boycott


While boycotts of companies over certain political views have been a controversial subject for a while now, they have at least been mostly used against companies for something they say or do. Now it appears that simply taking no stand at all is reason enough for the left to boycott companies.

According to The New York Times, The Home Depot has not issued a statement condemning the new voting laws in Georgia. This is in contrast to the woke thought leaders over at Delta and Coca-Cola, who succumbed to the leftist mob and decried the new laws.

Instead of following their lead, The Home Depot simply stated earlier this month that “the most appropriate approach for us to take is to continue to underscore our belief that all elections should be accessible, fair and secure.”

This seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to say, especially since The Home Depot sells tools and construction products and is not an expert on election laws.

However, the left has decided that the Georgia-based home improvement retailer should be condemned for not turning political.

“A major coalition of Black faith leaders in Georgia, representing more than 1,000 churches in the state, called on Tuesday for a boycott of Home Depot, arguing that the company had abdicated its responsibility as a good corporate citizen by not pushing back on the state’s new voting law,” The Times reported.

There are so many problems with this statement. Most notably, it assumes that corporations have not only a right, but rather a responsibility, to weigh in on political issues of the day. This is both false and nonsensical.

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