Activist Reveals How Obama and Jarrett are Controlling a Shadow Government From Their Bunker [VIDEO]


Kim Dotcom breaks silence and with a strong video explains how Obama and Jarrett are running a shadow government from the bunker they set up two miles from the White House.

He also explains that moneyed interests want friction and conflict in order to sell their instruments of war. He says the Deep State is following the marching orders they receive from Obama and his accomplice Valerie Jarrett.

His video is going viral and has been shared by Julian Assange.

From The Gateway Pundit: Kim DotCom believes Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett are running a shadow government against the Trump administration from their DC bunker.

Kim DotCom:  what’s obvious here is there is a hidden agenda there’s somebody driving the Senior Executive Service and it appears at this time that that’s parked about two miles down from the White House in that bunker that Barack Obama built with Valerie Jarret.

The Senior Executive Service seems to have been put in place to stop any kind of effectiveness within the elected group of people that the people put in place. And it’s apparent with the current president that these people are pulling in another direction.

Kim DotCom said 25% of the Democratic candidates in the 2018 election are intelligence community members, “Because the Deep state realizes we can no longer rely on our puppets.”

This is Assange’s tweet:

Kim Dotcom contacted Mueller twice through his lawyer, telling him that he could prove that Seth Rich stole the DNC emails in order to sell them, but Mueller refuses to even look at the evidence.

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