About That G-20 Photo of Trump and Putin. Something’s Not Right…


Oh, liberals. They’re so desperate to prove that President Trump colluded with the Russians that they’ll resort to outright deception and lies.

Of course, all that proves is that liberals are, well… liars.

A photo being enthusiastically shared by Democrats on social media shows world leaders, including President Trump, huddled like little school girls around Vladimir Putin.

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The implication is clear. Putin is running the show, and even Trump, ostensibly the most powerful man on earth, is falling at his feet.

But there’s just one problem…

Now, we have to wonder-were liberals genuinely duped by what is clearly a Photoshopped image, or is this a deliberate deception?

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Either way, Trump’s detractors once again have egg on their face.

This major embarrassment has received almost no coverage by the mainstream media. Bet you I know why!

Source: Business Insider

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