ABC News Gives Dire Warning About Dem Plans If They Take House


ABC News has finally admitted what the Democrats will do if they win the House on Tuesday and it should serve as a rallying cry for Republicans to get out and vote.

George Stephanopoulos interviewed ABC Senior Congressional Correspondent Mary Bruce and asked her what would happen if Democrats wrest the House from Republicans.

Her answer is frightening.

“I want to talk now about the day after the election. I want to bring in our Chief Congressional Correspondent Mary Bruce for more on this. We don’t know what is going to happen Tuesday night, Mary, but Democrats hopeful they’ll take control of the House,” Stephanopoulos said.

“Talk about their plans if that happens,” he said.

Well, George, if Democrats do take the House, they are going to put the Trump administration under an intense microscope. They are likely to launch investigations into everything from conflicts of interests to the president’s tax returns and of course the issue of Russian collusion.

Democrats feel that this administration has been able to act unchecked, and that is likely to come to a screeching halt.

But there is a political risk here for Democrats. They’re going to have to show that they can legislate, not just investigate. So, first up, expect them to pass something to address the issue of corruption in government. Democrats are well aware that Americans are fed up with Washington. And they’re going to want to send a message that there’s a new sheriff here in town.

But if Republicans hold the House it would be another story entirely.

If Republicans hold the House then, George, you’re going to see more of the same. Congress will continue to act in the way that they have.

But there is no big push, no big rush of legislation at the ready; no immigration bill, no big tax plan standing in the wing here. While Republicans are running on these issues, there is no big legislative push right now, here to back all of that up.

There would also be a major fight to see who becomes Speaker.

Paul Ryan, of course, has already said that he is out. You are then going to see a huge fight to replace Paul Ryan, lots of names being floated; Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise. And of course some of those on the far-right of the caucus, like Jim Jordan, those from the Freedom Caucus. A lot of names here that are going to be fighting to be Speaker of the House if Republicans do take the House.

But don’t count on Rep. Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker if Democrats win.

Look, whether or not Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker will depend in large part upon the size of any Democratic majority and the makeup of a Democratic caucus. Lots of Democratic candidates have already said that they will not support Pelosi. And you’re going to see, likely, a lot of calls for some new blood in Democratic leadership. That said, Pelosi has a lot of experience, she knows how to pass bills, and she certainly will know how to wrangle a diverse caucus as they launch all of these investigations.

If that does not get you to vote nothing will.

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