ABC is taking a MAJOR HIT after canning Tim Allen


No doubt ABC did not expect the vicious backlash they are suffering after axing Tim Allen’s popular sitcom “Last Man Standing.”

But they should have.

Primetime television is drowning in liberal programming.

Nearly every popular show out there is busy cramming liberal ideals and values down the throats of viewers.

Allen’s show stood out from the crowd by being the only overtly conservative comedy on TV.

As such, it easily won a BIG following. What else were conservatives going to watch?

So, you’d think that television executives, liberal as they may be, would be smart enough to make a business decision that DOESN’T alienate such a large market of viewers.

Well, turns out they aren’t smart enough.

The cancellation of Last Man Standing has sparked a number of boycott movements that are likely to hit ABC’s wallet pretty hard.

One Change.org petition started by a Deputy Matt is urging all conservatives to immediately boycott ABC until Tim Allen’s show is renewed.

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The petition already has over 45,000 signatures, and is likely to get a LOT more.

Source: MSN

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