ABC Gets Unexpected News. Looks Like Tim Allen Will Be ‘Last Man Standing’


Conservatives everywhere were outraged when ABC cancelled Tim Allen’s hit sitcom “Last Man Standing.”

The show was a cash cow, despite being stuck in an undesirable time slot. So there was no reason to cancel it besides ABC’s disdain for conservatives.

Well, looks like our frustration is about to turn to celebration.

“Last Man Standing” was broadcast by ABC, but was never OWNED by the network.

The rights to the show belong to 20th Century Fox, a subsidiary of Fox Entertainment.

And now Fox is seriously considering simply moving the show to its own channel, a move that will only further attract conservatives.

In other words, a sound business move.

Reports are that we’ll have some kind of announcement on the move and the continuation of “Last Man Standing” sometime next month.

H/T Donald Trump News

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