A Terrorist Stabs Him in the Back, But What This Hero Does Next is Epic


Ari Fuld is a true American hero.

He’s also an Israeli hero.

Fuld was shopping at a mall near his home in the Etzion Bloc of Jewish settlements south of Jerusalem on Sunday when a Palestinian Arab terrorist cowardly stabbed him in the back.

Despite the fact that the wound was fatal, security camera footage shows Fuld stabilizing himself and chasing down the terrorist.

Both Fuld and another armed civilian shoot and neutralize the terrorist before he can stab anyone else.

The incident is also yet another reminder why guns in the hands of responsible citizens can save lives.

Had Fuld and that second civilian not been armed, the terrorist could very well have killed a number of other people before being stopped.

The tragic conclusion was that Fuld collapsed immediately after shooting the terrorist, and was declared dead a short time later after being rushed to a hospital in Jerusalem.

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