A Teacher Showed Her Class a Memorial Day Video, One Student’s Response Left Her Speechless


Emily Rose Fontana, whose father is a Vietnam vet, showed a video to her first grade class which highlighted what Memorial Day is all about. Here’s what she said about one of her students:

“Not only am I the daughter of an amazing Veteran, but I am a teacher for an elementary school in Charlotte, NC. I teach 1st grade and love my kids more than anything.

Teaching is my passion and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I was teaching a mini lesson on Memorial Day today and showed my babies a 10 minute video about the meaning! I had to take this picture because I was lost for words. This little special angel sat saluting the screen for the entire 10 min while tears rolled down his face.

I will remember this day for a long long time. It shows how small a child can be and have one of the biggessstttt hearts I have ever witnessed. This picture needs to go viral and put on the Ellen show for Memorial Day. Everyone please share. God bless”


Triston Young’s father was proud of what he saw in the photo:

“It was really touching when I saw it, and knowing that he was understanding an extra day off from school – that it wasn’t just for fun.”

Both of Tristan’s grandfathers served our nation.

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