A professor just broke down Dr. Ford’s testimony and it’s not very consistent


Dr. Ford contradicted herself many times today at the hearing. One professor breaks down Ford’s testimony today and points a key inconsistency.

@ProfMJCleveland on Twitter writes:

THREAD: Everyone caught didn’t they, that Ford really doesn’t know what year attack occur? First, Mitchell pointed out discrepancy between dates she gave in various statements. Then when asked how she determined summer 82, Ford said well I wasn’t driving and knew would have 1/

2/ driven there once had license. BUT then Ford kept insisting to find out when Judge worked at Safeway “to better narrow down when it happened.” Huh? She said she said “hi” to Judge, i.e., the accessory (weirdness of that separate pt.) at Safeway 6-8 weeks after it happened

3/ BUT that doesn’t narrow things down much because summer 12 weeks, so we know likely June. That doesn’t help anything. It only helps if she doesn’t know it was 1982–b/c the summer he worked at Safeway was summer of attack then. ALSO note she didn’t really know party plan

4/ or that she came from Country Club. before. Mitchell asked why she assumed that, was it because you spent most of your days their swimming in the summer and Ford said yes. Then add point about the kids talking downstairs. Ford doesn’t have memory of what she claims

5/ her mind is creating a memory that makes sense. Same goes with the 4 boys, the 3 boys 1 girl, then 4 boys 1 girl. Problem isn’t she can’t remember details–that’s common. Fact is she thinks she remembers details but when pushed she doesn’t.

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