A Mother Took Her 7-Year-Old Son Into the Bathroom and Was Arrested For the SICK Thing She Did To Him


A Utah woman has been arrested for doing the unthinkable to her own young child in a Walmart bathroom, of all places.

What possessed 47-year-old Jeannine Cherilynn Isom to do what she did is still unclear, but the woman clearly needs help.

And now, so does her 7-year-old son.

Isom is reported to have purchased a pair of needle-nosed pliers and a bottle of hand sanitizer before dragging her son into the Walmart restroom

Once there, she proceeded to pulling out two of the young boy’s teeth, leaving behind an incredibly bloody mess.

The boy said one of his teeth had been loose, but the other wasn’t.

He was saved from further torture when his brother heard the screams and ran into the bathroom to save his brother.

Security was close behind and detained Isom until police arrived and arrested her for felony child abuse.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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