A Fuzzy Blanket, an Agitated Passenger, and a Diverted Flight to Hawaii


A flight from Las Vegas to Hawaii was diverted for what authorities are calling the “oddest” reason they’ve ever seen.

The Hawaiian Airlines flight became a scene of minor chaos when a 66-year-old passenger was informed he’d have to pay $12 for a blanket.

The unidentified outraged passenger at that point demanded to speak to a corporate representative.

And then he made a big mistake.

Using the slang of his generation, the man shouted, “I would like to take someone behind the woodshed for this.”

The pilot – either unfamiliar with such slang or just looking for a chance to avoid the long-haul flight – deemed the man’s words to be a direct threat.

The flight was immediately diverted to Los Angeles, where police and FBI AGENTS were waiting to question the passenger.

All he wanted was a blanket. And to not have his wallet gouged to get it.

The authorities agreed that no crime had been committed and released the man, who was able to book himself on a different flight.

Hopefully one that provides complementary blankets.

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Officer Rob Pedregon, a spokesman for the Los Angeles airport police, told AFP it was one of the oddest incidents regarding a diverted flight that he had ever handled.

He also wondered why no one else on the flight had stepped in to avoid such inconvenience.

“You know, if I was a passenger on board that plane I would have paid the $12 dollars for him,” he chuckled.

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