A Conflict of Interest That Cannot Be Ignored


When you look at how Special Counsel Robert Mueller received his appointment and who is his closest ally in the FBI was, you cannot help but see a conflict of interest.

Former FBI Director James Comey, in a move that has yet to be explained, orchestrated an appointment of a Special Counsel and somehow it turned out to be Mueller. It still does not pass the smell test. When you look at who Mueller has hired, it smells even worse. Here are some of the abuses that are noted so far.

As Written and Reported By Carl M. Cannon for Real Clear Politics:

We’re supposed to be reassured that the FBI agents who raided the offices and home of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael A. Cohen, were, in Cohen’s words, “courteous” and “respectful.”

The president’s attorney was understandably grateful that the agents didn’t replicate the FBI’s tactics at the home of Paul Manafort, Trump’s onetime campaign manager. Busting in before dawn, guns drawn, with a “no knock” warrant while Manafort and his wife were in bed, the agents frisked Mrs. Manafort while she was still in her nightclothes.

Perhaps Cohen thinks if he sounds reasonable, he can appease Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor who ordered Manafort’s arrest, or his other federal prosecutors behind this raid. Or maybe Cohen simply developed the quickest case of Stockholm syndrome in history. Whatever his reasons, a line has been violated. The government is going after lawyers now, as part of an investigation that feels as though policy differences and partisan politics have been criminalized.

Since the day Trump entered political life, liberals, Democratic activists, and media pundits have issued ominous warnings about the coming authoritarianism. When Trump shocked his critics by winning the presidency, this alarm became a crescendo. The “f” word was bandied about: Fascism, we were admonished, was in….

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