90% of Americans Don’t Have A Clue Who’s REALLY Behind The Women’s March Against TRUMP! THIS IS DISTURBING!


200,000 people joined the women’s march on DC to protest against TRUMP and his pro-America, pro-life and pro-jobs policy.


Many Americans don’t know that Soros funded most of the anti-Trump groups in the march.

More than 50 groups, PACs, and assorted organizations backed by billionaire agitator George Soros were deeply involved in the march.


Breibart reports that the march is led by:

– Tamika D. Mallory, whose bio says she “has worked closely with the Obama Administration as an advocate for civil rights issues, equal rights for women, health care, gun violence, and police misconduct.” She also served on the transition committee of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

– Carmen Perez, who served as the executive director of Belafonte’s Soros-financed The Gathering for Justice.

-Linda Sarsour, a self-described “Brooklyn-born Palestinian-American-Muslim racial justice and civil rights activist,” who serves as “the Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York, co-founder of Muslims for Ferguson, and a member of Justice League NYC,” her march bio relates.

She advocates for Sharia Law in America and has ties to the open terrorist organization: Hamas!

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According to the Daily Caller,

Linda was caught at an Islamic convention in Chicago and posed for pictures with an alleged financier of Hamas.


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Did we just discover a new Huma Abedin?

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