81% Of Black Americans Want Police To Maintain Or Increase Local Presence, Poll Reveals


More than 80% of Black Americans favor a police presence in their area equal to current levels or more, according to the findings of a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

When asked if they wanted the police to spend more time, the same amount of time or less time in their neighborhoods, 61% of Black adults surveyed prefer the presence remain the same. The finding is similar to U. S. adults at 67% and White Americans, of which 71% preferred authorities spend the same amount of time in their area.

Around 20% of Black people polled said they would like to see an increased police presence compared to 19% of respondents who favor the police spend less time in their area. Asian Americans were more likely to want less police presence in their neighborhoods with 28%, according to the findings.

The web survey was conducted between June 23 and July 6 by the Gallup Center on Black Voices as protests continued to rage across the country against police brutality and racial injustice. Amid the demonstrations, calls have intensified to slash police department budgets and hold bad officers and police unions accountable.

Despite the findings that Black Americans are comfortable with the overal… (Read more)

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