5 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Close By. This Will Give You Chills!


Do you believe our deceased loved ones still care from us from heaven?

They can come to us to reassure us through difficult decisions as well as helping us over the grieving process which can be a long, drawn out experience. If we could all raise our awareness a little more, we might just find comfort in knowing we are never alone.

1 They Appear In Your Dreams

A vivid dream of a loved one is classified as a lucid dream or a vision because of the potency of the dream. These can be so intense, they will wake us up in the night, leaving us filled with emotion.

2 You Feel Their Touch

This can be felt shortly after a loved one’s passing and it feels like a stroke of the hand or back. Others may feel they are not alone and a presence in the room, even if there i no obvious sign.

3 Unexplainable Phenomenon

It’s not uncommon for passed spirits to affect electrical components in the home. You may notice a spate of burnt out light bulbs or other devices going haywire, for no apparent reason. This means they are trying to get your attention and you’re not listening.

4 Hiding Or Appearing Objects

There have been many accounts of items in the home suddenly disappearing and then re-appearing in a place you know you had recently checked.

5 You Smell Them

One whiff of a certain scent can bring back instant memories, whether it be cigar smoke or perfume and you know those smells had no reason to be there.


H/T: Aunt Acid

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