44 Killed in Worst School Attack in American History


Every time there is a school attack, someone is trying to explain how and why it’s the “worst” in American history.

While any and every attack on school children is tragic, none of the more recent shootings can even hold a candle to the true “worst school attack” to ever occur on our soil.

The year was 1927.

American was hurdling uncontrollably toward the Great Depression, and many were already tightening their belts.

In Bath Township, Michigan, the bank decided to foreclose on Andrew Kehoe’s farm. At the same time, local authorities had levied a new tax to pay for a new schoolhouse.

It was all just too much.

As an electrician, Kehoe was hired to do some work at the new school. And he took horrible advantage of that opportunity to rig the building with an enormous amount of explosives.

Kehoe proceeded to murder his wife and set his farm on fire before blowing up the school and killing 44 children. He then blew up his own car with himself inside.

As Time noted:

The story made national headlines immediately, but quickly disappeared. It did not prompt a broader conversation about explosives, or school safety, or mental health, as such an attack today would. Everyone outside Bath Township seemed to forget about it altogether.

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