42 Senate Democrats Vote In Favor Of Government Payments To Illegal Immigrants


Senate Democrats on Thursday night indicated they supported sending direct payments to undocumented immigrants as the chamber waded through a lengthy process necessary to advance budget reconciliation measures.

During what has become known as a vote-a-rama, which follows debate on a budget resolution measure, senators can bring forward germane, but nonbinding, amendments that must be disposed of before the majority party can move forward with their resolution.

The amendments do not alter underlying legislation but can instead serve as a litmus test gauging for support of certain policies.

A minority party may also use the vote-a-rama to force on the record votes on hot-button issues they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get the chamber floor, which they can later wield as political weapons in coming campaign cycles.

On Thursday, Republicans forced Democrats on the record about stimulus check eligibility.

Sens. Todd Young, R-Ind., and Tom Cotton, R-Ark., proposed an amendment t… (Read more)

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