4 Powerful Words the Media Missed in Trump’s Quantico Speech


President Trump visited the Marine Corps air base at Quantico, Virginia on Friday, and delivered a powerful speech to our men and women in uniform.

But, the mainstream media wouldn’t know that, because they didn’t bother to attend.

Quantico is home to Marine Helicopter Squadron One, the men and women who pilot, protect and maintain the president’s short-distance air ride, Marine One.

Needless to say, Trump was very well received, which is probably also the reason the media stayed away.

But, this is the social media era, and the mainstream media can’t silence the president simply by ignoring him. Because either the president himself or an army of eyewitnesses will get the news out there anyway.

Trump touched on a number of subjects in his brief speech, including the war in Afghanistan.

But it was this portion that really swelled every chest present with pride:

“It’s an honor to serve as your Commander-in-Chief. And we love you folks and we’re going to take care of you like you’ve never been taken care of before — and I think you know that. Every time I climb on the incredible machine, I think of United States Marines.

“A Marine is often the last person I see when leaving the White House and the first upon my return. Nothing is more reassuring. And my pledge to you is that I will have your back just as you will always — and have always — had mine.”

The presence of a US Marine every time he leaves or returns home is what makes Trump feel safe and secure.

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Is there any question why the military loves this president so much?

H/T Independent Journal Review

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