4 Migrants Arrested at Southern Border Match Names on Terrorist Watchlist


Customs and Border Protection confirmed to Congress on Tuesday that four people whose names matched individuals on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database have been taken into custody at the southern border since Oct. 1, according to Axios. The information came from a congressional aide who was briefed on the matter.

Three of the individuals were from Yemen, and one was from Serbia.

“The four arrests are more than the number of similar people taken into custody during recent full fiscal years, according to the source. In fiscal 2018, six people from Yemen and Bangladesh were arrested,” Kight reported.

While there are often thousands of people on the FBI watchlist caught trying to enter the United States every fiscal year, most try to enter through airports. Given the security measures at airports — not to mention the fact passports are involved — stopping their entry is a relatively simple process.

This isn’t necessarily the case at the southern border, particularly in the midst of a migrant crisis.

It’s unclear when these four individuals were arrested, but in the months since President Joe Biden’s election, migration has soared and officials currently lack the capacity to process the deluge.

On Sunday, The New York Times reported that the Biden administration had enlisted the Federal Emergency Management Agency — which usually only helps out in disasters — “to assist in processing an increasing number of children and teenagers who have filled detention facilities at the southwest border, as criticism mounts over the treatment of young migrants.”

According to CBP, over 100,000 migrants were caught trying to enter the United States in February. In February 2020, that number was a little over 30,000.

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