2 US Senators Accused of Selling Stocks on Backs Of Dead Americans


‘Anti-Trump Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina and appointed US Senator Kelly Loeffler from Georgia, both marginal Republicans, were found to have dumped millions of dollars worth of stock just before the market crashed from the DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named) crisis.

Burr sold off $1,5 million in stocks, and Loeffler allegedly sold off $3.1 million in stocks (Steven Ahle writes).

Both Senators could be charged with insider trading, and it could well be the end of their Senate careers.

Voters take a dim view of politicians who become wealthy or stay that way because of inside information.

I have a funny feeling this story will not end with just these two.

It just may take longer for all the guilty ones to get caught.’

From The Gateway Pundit:

Republican Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler sold roughly $3.1 million in stocks she jointly held with her husband between January 24 and February 14, just before the disease put the stock market into freefall.

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