2 Transgender People Beaten to Death, Liberals Strangely Silent…


American liberals pretend as though President Trump is a cruel dictator who is going to round up everyone who is “different” – starting with immigrants, transgenders and homosexuals.

But these people live in a bubble of their own making. They are playing make-believe, and not just by pretending to be a gender they weren’t born as.

Earlier this month, two transgender women from Pakistan were “tortured to death” by police in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

According to reports, the women were placed in sacks and beaten to death with sticks. Dozens of other transgenders were arrested, and there’s no telling what’s happening to them.

And this is all legally sanctioned by the Saudi authorities.

Because in about half of the nations on earth, it is actually illegal to pretend you are a different gender or to publicly practice homosexuality.


But not in America, where we let people do all kinds of crazy things because that’s their right.

If transgenders and gays are so oppressed in America, then why can they be so loud and be a general nuisance to everyone else without fear of punishment?

They certainly wouldn’t get away with that in Saudi Arabia.

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And yet, they are strangely silent on the fact that in so many other countries, transgenders and gays are mercilessly (and legally) killed, while in America they enjoy the same freedoms as everyone else.

Source: The Federalist Papers

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