15 Marines Killed, So Trump Does the UNIMAGINABLE


America is mourning over the loss of 15 young US Marines and one Navy Corpsman who were tragically killed in a plane crash in Mississippi.

Without a moment’s hesitation both President Trump and First Lady Melania were issuing statements.

The First Couple offered their condolences, but they did more than that.

They also offered sympathy and a warm embrace to the victims’ families and an entire grieving nation.

It’s touching to not only read these statements, but to know that both Donald and Melania Trump actually MEAN what they say.

Now, call me crazy, but I can’t remember Barack Obama EVER making me feel better after the loss of our men and women in uniform.

And that goes DOUBLE for Michelle Obama.

Below is video footage of the tragic air accident that took the lives of these brave souls.

H/T American Journal Review

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