13 GOP Women Join The House, Dominating Congressional Elections, Making History


At least 13 Republican women are joining the 117th U. S. Congress after dominating the 2020 elections, making history for the highest number of women in the House of Representatives.

Republicans have been watching their numbers in the House rise, and six of the eight seats flipped red were owed to women. According to The Washington Post, House Republican leaders estimate more than a dozen women could be added to the current 13, doubling the number in their caucus.

The GOP congresswomen-elects are marking history themselves – South Carolina’s Nancy Mace being the first female elected in her state and Florida’s Kat Cammack being the youngest GOP woman elected – and are representing American women across the country.

Lauren Boebert is the congresswoman-elect for Colorado’s third congressional district. Her campaign stood grounded in her advocacy for protecting gun rights, energy and the Constitution. Boebert is the owner and founder of the nationally known Shooter’s Grill in Rifle, Colo., a restaurant where staff proudly open carry while serving customers.

Kat Cammack will be joining the 117th Congress as the youngest GOP woman in history. The elect has triumphantly gone from homeless to the House in under a decade. In 2011, Cammack’s family lost the cattle ranch she grew up on due to a failed Obama program. After months of being homeless, Cammack was asked by Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., to join his campaign, on which she served as the longtime deputy chief of staff and campaign manager.

Miami-native Maria Elvira Salazar has been elected to serve Florida’s 27th congressional district. Salazar learned the value of freedom at a young age when her parents fled from Cuba in the presence of Fidel Castro to become U. S. citizens. Now, the congresswoman-elect aims to end the coming of socialism in America.

Marjorie Greene is fighting to keep Georgia red and combat socialism. The congresswoman-elect is a mother to three children and a seasoned businesswoman. Greene founded, grew and sold one of the top CrossFit gyms in the country and, alongside her husband, owns Taylor Commercial which efforts high-end construction projects.

Congresswoman-elect Ashley Hinson is representing all Americans with a minivan and a mortgage, she told Fox News on Sunday. Hinson was the first woman to represent Iowa’s 67th district and plans to continue the fight for the economic well-being of Iowans. Her campaign aims to cut taxes and focus on infrastructure.

Mother of seven, grandmother of 17 and local Illinoisan farmer, Mary Miller will … (Read more)

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