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10 Warning Signs That You’re Dealing With An Evil Person


Evil comes in many forms, and it’s often hard to recognize at first glance. After all, not all evil people are labeled ‘Evil Queen’ or ‘Wicked Stepmother’!

Here are the 12 warning signs that of evil. If you can spot them, then you know to get the hell out of there!

1. Denying Reality

What’s real and what’s not isn’t something that an evil or abusive person will agree with you on. To them, this is not something that’s up for debate. No matter how many facts you have to prove them wrong, you’re always the one in the wrong. Nothing can break their twisted ideals.

2. Twisting Facts

An evil or abusive person will twist facts to make them sound smarter and better than you. If a fact doesn’t prove their point or agree with what they’re saying, they’ll twist it into something else. This means their own theories and stories are often backed up by outrageous facts.

3. Withholding Information

When faced with something that could change your view of them, they’ll either twist it or withhold it. That way they’re not at risk of losing you. They’ll never admit to a lie, they’ll also keep any information a secret and use their ignorance to their advantage.

4. Misleading

They come across some information that they feel they could use, they’ll always use it to mislead you. To make you feel afraid, alone, and very vulnerable. That way they’ll be your only comfort, making you dependent on them.  Whether it’s the truth or not, in the end, you will start to believe. By doing this they can create enemies in your head, making you feel like everything you are doing up to this point is wrong.

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5. Constant Lying

They create lies to protect the way you think of them, but to also keep control of you. They can’t tell a story without adding in a juicy white lie. Sometime they’ll admit to lying but explain to you why they lied while lying again so you feel sorry for them.

6. Feel No Remorse

They have no remorse for anyone they have hurt or even the people they’re planning on hurting.  To them, those people are just pawns, and they feed off the good energy people have and suck all the joy they can out of them.

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7. Avoiding Responsibility

Evil people don’t take any responsibility for the people they’ve harmed, or the wrongs they’ve committed. The minute they start to sense some sort of blame, they redirect it before it makes its way to them.

8. Manipulative

They are champions of manipulation. They’re always 10 steps ahead of everyone, and they know the direct everyone’s attention onto something else. They know exactly how to make you feel stupid and worthless.

9. Steal Your Time

You may not notice this at first, but you should start keeping track of your conversations with them when you have a time limit. If there’s somewhere you need to be they’ll try and distract you so you lose track of time. If they’re doing this, then try to disrupt them.

10. Double Lives

They live double lives. Why? Because their entire life is covered with lies. They have a different picture painted of themselves for different people. As soon as they start to slip or lose control, then people start to notice. That’s why they’re constantly lying, so they can create an image that will stick.

I’m sure you can add some more!

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