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10 Tips To Help You Save Money This Christmas Season


The Christmas and New Years holiday season is a money sink. Some people take out loans just to cover the enormous expenses.

But what if there was a way to actually save money during the holidays?

These 10 tips suggested by Lifehacker could help you avoid going into the red this holiday season.

Technology to the rescue

There are plenty of mobile apps that help you save bits of money while you spend. Some work by rounding your purchases to the nearest dollar, and putting the difference into savings.

With all the purchases you are likely to make, all those little bits will add up fast.

Someone You Can Trust

Perhaps the idea of letting a third-party mobile app access your financials is too scary. If so, most banks will do the job for you.

Again, many banks will set a watch on your debit account and automatically round up any purchases, putting the difference into a savings account.

Instant Rebates!

Other mobile apps, like Ibotta, help you to find and instantly access cash-back rebates on both groceries and retail purchases.

Discounts Everywhere

And still other apps are going to be far more efficient at finding all those discounts and sales than you ever could be.

Honey and Invisible Hand are two web browser extensions that will do just that.

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What’s important is that whenever you find a discount or sale, put aside the extra money you would have spent if paying full price. Again, all those extra little bits will add up quickly.

Don’t Be Fooled

It’s no secret that most advertising is manipulative. But during the holiday shopping rush, we are too easily fooled by a lot of it.

Take a little time to read one of the many studies about how manipulative advertising works. Don’t stop shopping, but go into it well informed and ready to deflect temptations to spend money you didn’t intend to spend.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Lots of people are shopping during the holiday season. Why should the stores be making all the profit?

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Do you have things you want or need to get rid of? Sell them! Hold a garage sale or turn to eBay. Either way, you are much more likely to find buyers during this time of year.

Get to Work

You’re on vacation. We get it. But we all have idle time. Put some of it to use by taking small, one-hit jobs during the holidays. There are plenty of online services like Fiverr to help you make a few extra dollars.

Put It On My Card

This could go without saying, but some will forget during the pressure of the season. Use the right credit cards when shopping!

A great many cards offer cash-back or other rewards when spending. And you’ll likely be doing a lot of spending. Get some of it back!

A Game of…Cash

Our brains are wired for competition and achievement. Making a game out of anything helps us see the task through. And it’s no different with saving money.

Plenty of apps will help you make a fun game out of saving money. Get one.

Be Hard-Nosed

This one is less obvious, but this is a perfect time of year to re-negotiate some of your services and bills.

It never hurts to ask, and credit card companies, cable providers and other businesses all want to enter the new year on good footing. Let them know you’ll be an even happier and more loyal customer if they can give you some breaks.

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