Will Obamacare Completely Shut Down The US Government?

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“This is a fight we can WIN!”

That’s a quote by Senator Ted Cruz talking about defunding Obamacare.

By September 30th Congress has to pass a law called the “continuing resolution” if lawmakers want to keep the US Government.

However some members of Congress do not want to pass it unless a clause defunding Obamacare is added.

Here is what President Obama had to say about this.

“The idea that you would shut down the government unless you’d prevent 30 million people from getting health care is a bad idea.”

To which Republican Sen. Marco Rubio countered with:

“The way i see it is, if we pass a budget that pays for everything except for Obamacare, and the president says he’ll veto that, it is he who wants to shut down the government.”

Watch this video for the full story.

Should the clause defunding Obamacare be added?

Comment below.

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