VIDEO: FOX NEWS Anchor Under FIRE After She Said THIS About Allah


Gretchen Carlson, Fox News, has come under fire after she publicly slammed Allah.

Carlson linked “Allah sickening worship” with Osama Bin Laden.

She also added that Allah is not God.

“It turns out the Al Qaeda recruitment forms looks a lot like any other job application…questions like list your previous occupations,” Carlson commented. “Have you been in jail or prison? Do you have any chronic or heredity diseases? Then it get more Al-Qaeda-ish. Are any of you relatives in the jihad theater? Do you wish you execute a suicide operation? Who should we contact if you become a martyr.”

“The most sickening part though is the last line: ‘Praise Allah, lord of all words.’ Nope. Not really at all,” Carlson concluded.

Liberals are attacking here BIG TIME!


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