The 10 Most Deadly Places To Live In America

You may not realize you’re close to danger, crime, natural disaster, or some combination of forces out of your control.

If you live in any of these cities you may need to take some preventative measure and get ready for what’s coming.

10. Memphis, Tennessee

Two of ABC’s top 25 dangerous neighborhoods are here. Memphis has one of the highest crime rates of any US city.

So lock your doors and buy a gun. Then what?

It’s surrounded by counties that were hit by natural disasters. Memphis itself is in Shelby county, which is struck by an average of 8 tornadoes every 10 years.


And the future?

It’s about 40 years overdue for a big earthquake. In 1811, the fault line erupted in a quake that reached 200 miles from the center.

It literally made the Mississippi River run backward.

Will bad crime get better or worse after a disaster?

Are you prepared for that?

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