Our Government is Paying Muslims to Murder Americans???


Why Are YOUR Tax Dollars Going to THIS Terrorist?

In 2010, Kifah Ghanimat brutally executed American Christian tourist Kristine Luken as she hiked in a forest south of Jerusalem with an Israeli friend. Today, Ghanimat sits comfortably in an Israeli prison enjoying a handsome monthly salary courtesy of the US government.

It is no secret in Israel that American financial aid to the Palestinian Authority pays the monthly salaries of Muslim terrorists in its jails.

But this fact is regularly met with disbelief by Americans, who can’t imagine why their government would be party to such a crime.

As outlined in a 2013 expose in The Guardian, the aid arrives via different programs. It is then used to fund the daily running of the Palestinian Authority. One of the first departments to receive this money is the Prisoners’ Ministry, which doles out paychecks to jailed Muslim killers.

And the longer the jail sentence, the bigger the salary, meaning that those who committed the most heinous crimes are most generously rewarded.

In this way, the Palestinian Authority encourages terrorist violence, with the active assistance of the American government.

The Palestinian Authority Continues To Reward Terrorism.In 2010, Kristine Luken, an American Christian, traveled to…

Posted by StandWithUs on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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