‘Duck Dynasty’ Star, “They Told Us To Stop Praying To Jesus So It Wouldn’t Offend Muslims”

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In an interview with sports spectrum magazine Willie & Phil Robertson, stars of Duck Dynasty, talk about fake bleeps, praying in Jesus’ name, and getting flack from Christians.

When the editors of Duck Dynasty asked the stars to stop saying “In Jesus Name” during prayers because it might offend Muslims, Phil Robertson had to stand his ground.

I highly suggest watching this entire video. It’s worth 6 minutes of your time.

(There is an 18 second intro in the beginning if you want to scroll past it)

Phil Robertson also admitted that fake bleeps were inserted into the show even though there was no cursing happening. “They inserted fake bleeps…like somebody had used profanity, but no one had used profanity. I asked the guys that produce the show…What’s the point of the fake bleeps?”

“If we are not using profanity, why make it look like we are using profanity?” -Phil Robertson

Way to go Phil! Our prayers are with you and the entire Duck Dynasty crew.

What do you think about the producers actions?

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