A Troubled Boy Was Asked A Hard Question By A Drill Sergeant, His Reply Was Unexpected

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In an episode of Jenny Jones titled “Boot Camp My Pre-Teen,” a young boy melts the heart of a Drill Sergeant sent to teach the boy some respect and discipline.

You just have to watch this heartwarming video!

The video starts out with the Drill Sergeant yelling at the little boy.

“Do you love your mother” he says sternly?

The boy simply nods his head and says, “yes.”

After that the Drill Sergeant then asks.

“Do you want me to be your dad?”

Again the kid says, “yes”.

The Drill Sergeant then asks why.

The kid responds with the sweetest and saddest thing I have heard in a while. It brought a tear in my eyes.

“Because I don’t have a daddy”.

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